I can’t find a title for this post, and I get too sad trying…


It was a hard hit, loosing our dog. My fiancé had to help me get rid of all the dog-stuff I had collected over the past seven years. He even had to use a hanger to remove the agility obstacles I’d build. It is better now, but at the beginning, I couldn’t see any of this objects without bursting into tears.
To get my mind into something else, I took up my life project again, which is to finally publish my book. But then, after sending the first chapter to my first beta-reader, I was so struck by nerves, I just had to engage myself into yet another project, while I’m waiting for her to get back to me…
That’s why this photo-manipulations show up here in my book-publishing-blog. And, I’m afraid more will follow, thus the book project is a long run and a major challenge. It’s probably wise to break it up a little anyway, playing with forms and colors, it is fun too!


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