Today, I entered the playroom!

I am so happy, I am so very happy this evening, because I have been so excited about this day for a long time! I tried to join the same group some years ago, but I couldn’t cope. What are we talking about, you might ask? I tell you right away. I have today had my first session in a creativity community, not web but for real, I must add. This is a community for us who fell out of the ordinary society, which can happen for us all, and for a number of reasons.

Last time I tried to fit in, I believe it was about four years ago, I just couldn’t be there, and the experience made me feel like a major failure, once again.

This time, however, I’m ready. I have learned from my mistakes and now we have added a lot of structure around me attending the group. They met me with a lot of warmth and understanding to-day, so did they at the formal meeting last week.

This is what we have decided, and this I know will work out very well for me:

My support person Carla will follow me every time.

They will see to that I don’t stay there for more than two hours.

I’ll have the same work table at the same place every time, place by the wall. It is perfectly fine that I don’t sit at the large table in the middle, many of the other participants also need some space around them.

I’m not going to eat lunch or join other meals.

I will beforehand give myself one particular working task, and they are going to help me stick to it.

I will not pick tasks with high levels of creativity, but will choose non-self-exposing activities. Like, for instance, to make plans and to prepare modules for future collage-projects.

Yes, yes, yes, I indeed am very happy to-day.

And, exactly as I planned for, I will look forward to the next session, which I chose will be early in January.

Small steps, Tussila! We know very much about taking small steps by now, don’t we. Because then we will set up to succeed this time!


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