Fear of tears?

I used to believe that if I did burst into tears, I would get lost forever. The pressure inside was so extremely high, it would be impossible to ever stop crying again.

I know better now. I know that if I burst into tears, meaning really howling, and shaking into pieces in tears.

After a while, say about half an hour or at least in less than one hours’ time, the crying will stop on its own. Afterwards, I have experienced to fall into total apathy, and  hysterical laughter attacks, (Tussila loves the latter by the way) and everything in between. 

In addition to being emotional creatures, we also are biological creatures.

Crying is hard work, also in biological terms.

We are capable to survive most conditions, also grieving and moaning.

There is no need to fear the tears; our bodies will take care of also such affairs!


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