What on earth did I buy?

I can’t say how I enjoy my newly purchased Wacom board, but I’m not sure if I should share the following with you…
Well, I take the chance.
I got in the post a couple of months ago, and of course I was eager to have a try, unfortunately we lost our dear dog about the same time the board arrived, so I left it on the shelf for some time. But then, one evening I really needed something uplifting, I opened the box with this magic tool.
What can I say, please remember that I’m in no way trained in tools like that, or in computers for that matter. I’m totally self-thought in all respects, and that mean a lot of trying and even more failing…
Now, back to this board. A flat board, silver-colored and fancy looking came out of the box. I felt like a monkey given a new toy, sitting there at my desk, turning and lifting it, looking for out-and-input in the corners, and of course and most important, looking for the screen!
I couldn’t find any screen. I guess a lot of people would have a good laugh if they had seen me, I even tried to open the thing, thinking that maybe inside, even if the board was fairly thin…
Thank heavens I didn’t go to find tools, but only used my finger nails!

I had pictured myself in the resting chair in front of the television, with this fantastic drawing device on my lap, making all kind of exciting images.

Well, it didn’t work that way. And I don’t have a laptop but a stationary computer, so I’m still sitting at my desk. I have made on important improvement though. It didn’t come with wireless fittings, but I have ordered it since, and now my friends, I love the thing!

I don’t have to sit like a twisted curve to reach both the computer screen and the drawing board at the same time. And, it works perfectly fine to draw on the board, even if it has no active screen on it. I have just started to figure out the layer features, and I am having a lot of fun!

Thinking about it; maybe it’s just fine that I can’t use it in front of the TV too, or in the bed…

If you want to laugh now, please be my guest, I did too!

Thank you for reading!


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