She went Outside one Morning

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15 thoughts on “She went Outside one Morning

      • Hello again! As you probably have noticed, I am working to get a book published. I have tried to explain about it under “About Tussila and her Book Project” It is a huge project, and I’m afraid that I have escaped into image-makings for a while. I have one chapter ready translated though, and am working on the second.
        I do search for test readers, though I’m a little anxious about it too, because this is a very personal story. In addition, I sent the first chapter to one test reader some month ago, without she never even read it, and I therefore had to ask her to delete it, and then I had to trust that she did so.
        When all this is said, my number one goal is to get the book out there, eventually. And if you really are serious about helping me, I would be extremely thankful!!! If you wonder what it’s about, I suggest that you read the post I mentioned. The book is my diary, thoroughly illustrated, dating back thirteen years. I then was put into psychiatric emergency hospital, because I had given up life, due to complex post-traumatic stress-disorder.

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      • Oh! I anticipate that you have a very inspirational story to tell to the world.
        I’m glad you have recovered.
        I wouldn’t be breaking the trust when it comes to writing; I jnow how much heart, hard work and soul goes into writing!
        I’m sorry if I am too inquisitive but the chapter I shall help you with would be how many pages, approx?


      • Hello again, my goodness, is this really happening! The first chapter is only about 7500 words, and it contains 11 paintings. It is without side numbers because of the paintings. How can I send it to you? Am I this bold? Oh yes I am, at least I think I am…

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    • Thank you so much for your kind interest in my writing, it’s impossible to say how much it means to me! Yesterday I ordered a Word version in English, I guess it arrives pretty soon. The one I have is on my original language, so to make it easier, I plan to transfer the book project to the English version. Besides, I need to hide my identity while working with the book.
      I will send you the cut out version on Chapter one, for you to have a look at it. And then, if you wish me to, I will send you an English Word version later on.
      Again; thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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