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I have tried to gather some information and stuff about the subject, into a weekly newspaper. If you are interested in learning more about this subject, please feel welcome to check out this link:

Tussila, Tussila, what have we done? Should we close our eyes or should we run?

What happened a few days ago was following incident:

We were denied to post to one of the established psychology communities, they even put black lines over our headlines, before we had the chance to remove it, commenting their action with: quote “this is not the community to share personal medical/psychological history”.

Yes, I got upset. Yes, Tussila got upset too. We removed the postings and gave the new situation a thought.

After a while, we actually found it amusing. For the first time, after being present online for two months, our posts were unwanted, and where did it happen; in a psychology community. And why; because they wasn’t interested in personal experiences. I must have got it all wrong, I always have believed that psychology tends to be somewhat personal…

Well, after licking the wounds for a while, we returned at the arena. And this is what we have done: We have created a community on our own!


If you wish to see what we came up with in there, please do visit us at:

If you fits criteria and wants to join us, you are most welcome to, also if you are a therapist, social worker or support-person, as long as you join personally!

Thank you very much for reading!

Now Tussila, lets close our eyes and run!