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Allowing the brain to calm down

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In my mind, everything we do to make our minds occupied with other themes than our traumas, is us being creative.

I don’t believe that it alone will take away our past, or heal us in a hurry.


I do believe though, that every time we engage our brain with solvable tasks, we will also allow the brain to have a much-needed break from the traumas. The tasks don’t have to be complicated.

It can for instance be:

How to draw a line, how to knit a mask, how to put notes on a paper, how to take a photo shot, how to carve a pattern into woods, how to make metal work, ceramics, write a sentence or what ever else we choose to do.  In my experience, it is particularly engaging, when the effort results in a piece of visible, touchable or listenable work.

Anything that will not disappear when I go to sleep at night.

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