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Now, Tussila, are you ready to give it another try?

Okay, back to my book project again. We have had a little proceeding delay, because we’ve had to do some serious rethinking. The case is, we are going to need some help in the next stage, and we are not sure how to ask for it, not to say whom to ask.

So far, we have tried in three different directions. So far, they’ve all failed.

Now, why don’t we spell it straight out there, Tussila, I know you don’t like it. I know you feel embarrassed, I know you think they will laugh at you or maybe get nasty with you.

I have an idea, Tussila. Care to listen? Okay, then listen:

We have translated the first chapter, meaning I have. We, meaning I, are ready to start translate the second chapter. However, so far, I have no idea of how I’m getting along, language wise. I mean, is my writing understandable, is it OK for me to continue translating, or should I leave it with the professionals? Tussila, she doesn’t care about these issues, she wants to play with colors and with some new drawing gadgets I have purchased.

To keep us both sane, at least not less sane than we are at the time being, this is what I suggest:

I don’t think it is wise to let just anybody test read the writing.

The main target for my book, excuse me Tussila, our book (now you’re interested!) are mental health care workers with a special interest of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress-Disorder. What if we ask one of them? Would that be OK? Remember, we already have shown smaller parts of it to a number of our helpers over the years. Not a single one of them laughed at us or got nasty with us, you do remember that, don’t you?

What did you say, Tussila? No men! OK, I agree with you on that one. At this stage of the process, we will have no men involved. I know there is many gorgeous men out there, I even have one myself, so I hope you understand, this is just to protect us during the most vulnerable stage of the publishing process.

Well then, now I think our plea starts to crystallize pretty clear. I think there is only one small detail to add; I’ve chosen american English in the Words correcting program. I probably will be very confused if my test readers are more familiar with one of the other English variations.

All right, tomorrow we’ll try to make this reflections into a proper request, now we can take a break Tussila, well done!


If I had the words when I was little

heart 3

How can a child tell what is wrong when everything is wrong?

How can anybody help when you have to hide your inner whispering scream?

If only I had the words when I was little, this would be my prayer:


Don’t touch me, but hold me

Don’t listen to me, but hear me

Don’t look at me, but see me

Don’t even try to uncover me, but understand me

Whatever you do, please, will you please never ever give up on me 

Tussila Spring 2013